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We houden CORONA OPRUIMING. Er staan steeds 10 items in de aanbieding. Houd het in de gaten!

Ukulele Play Along

Ukulele Play Along

This is an on-line app to play along with YouTube videos. The chords and text are shown synchronously along with the videos. Every week we publish a new video to play along in the FREE PLAYLIST
At the moment we are working on an improved version for mobile devices.

Kinderliedje van de Dag

Voor de kinderen die thuis zitten hebben we de hele maand april 2020 elke dag een nieuw liedje in de Ukulele Play Along gezet.
Los daarvan zit er in de Ukulele Play Along ook een speciale playlist FOR KIDS. Die kan thuis gebruikt worden maar ook in de klas!

Talent In De Tent [ONLINE]

(Uitgesteld) Talent in de Tent -> ONLINE

De avonden van Talent In de Tent in het Ukulele Paradijs in het Liskwartier zijn door het Covid-19 virus voorlopig uitgesteld. In de tussentijd gaan we wel online verder ... Zie hiernaast de twee eerste liedjes! Heb jij ook een liedje, een act of een truck? Laat het ons weten!

Zie ook: www.goudhoekje.nl

Chord Finder / Incoming Message

"Hi Marcel, I hope you speak English. I just wanted to say that I have been using your Ukulele Chordfinder app to play ukulele for 10 years now and I only just decided to reach out to you and tell you what an amazing app it was and how much it helped me learn ukulele! Thank you so much. I know it's been 17 years since you made it because it says 2003 in the version I have downloaded and kept all this time. I still haven't found anything better than your app! Especially because I prefer to play my uke in a soprano D tuning and no other website or app expects that. I hope you are doing well and once again thankyou for sharing your ukulele gift ???? all the best from England!"


The Ukulele Chord Finder has been on-line for 20 YEARS!

We started the (Sheep Entertainment) Ukulele Chord Finder back in 1998. It is an on-line app to find chords in 2 directions, so also by just clicking the finger positions.