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id Song Artist Level Key
887 Elisa Serge Gainsbourg 3 Ab
888 Le Parapluie Georges Brassens 2 A
1484 Les Passagers Berry 3 Gm
1055 Michelle The Beatles 4 C
1162 Milord Edith Piaf 3 D
889 Ne me quitte pas Jacques Brel 4 G#m
637 Non non Rien n'a Changé les Poppeys 3 Am
1475 Paroles, paroles Dalida, Alain Delon 4 Fm
488 Poupee de Cire Poupee de Son France Gall 4 Fm...
320 Pour moi la vie va commencer Johnny Hallyday 3 E
1501 She Charles Aznavour 4 C
881 Sous le ciel de Paris Edit Piaf 3 Bm
629 Un Deux Trois Catherine Ferry 3 A
1215 Une belle histoire Michel Fugain 3 Am

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Teddy Bear - Elvis Presley
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About the Ukulele Play Along

It all started in 1998 when we launched the first version of the UKULELE CHORD FINDER. It was and still is a free tool to find all your ukulele chords online. In the beginning when the internet was still very slow, there was a downloadable version too. In 2003 a PLAY ALONG function was built into the chordfinder. The ukulele showed you how to finger chords on the neck of your ukulele while the song is playing. Everybody could add songs!

In 2008 we launched the first version of the UKULELE PLAY ALONG, where you could play along with songs from Youtube videos. In the beginning everything was based on the flash plugin and Youtube served flash-video-files (flv). When youtube stopped with flash and some browsers too we had to make a new version of the Ukulele Play Along.