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Songs in the key of D minor
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id Song Artist Level Key
1073 Another Brick In The Wall Pink Floyd 1 Dm
1020 Back To Black Amy Winehouse 2 Dm
773 Boogie wonderland Earth Wind and Fire 3 Dm
438 Caballo Viejo Simon Diaz 4 Dm
1086 Come Together The Beatles 1 Dm
792 Delilah UP3 2 Dm
781 Girl with one Eye Robin van Hemert 2 Dm
779 Haca'as (The Anger) Nimrod and Lilach 2 Dm
941 I heard it through the grapevine Creedence Clearwater Revival 3 Dm
1143 Jolene Dolly Pardon In The Wild West 2 Dm
623 Kismet Etten-Leurs Ukulele Genootschap 3 Dm
859 Kisses Sweeter Than Wine Bongwater 2 Dm
1185 Like Sugar Chaka Khan 2 Dm
1119 Little Sadie Doc Watson 3 Dm
631 Ma Baker Boney M 4 Dm
974 Remember (Walking in the sand) Shangri-Las 1 Dm
947 Russian Lullaby Jerry Garcia - David Grisman 3 Dm
1004 Sounds of Silence Simon and Garfunkel 2 Dm
877 St James Infirmary Blues MrJaynickel 2 Dm
449 The Good the Bad and the Ugly The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain 5 Dm
656 Toch is het klote zonder jou Edwin Rutten 3 Dm/F
1214 Uprising Muse 3 Dm
823 Wayfaring Stranger Jack White 1 Dm
1018 You Know I'm No Good Amy Winehouse 2 Dm
672 Весна на Заречной улице Nicholas Rybnikov 3 Dm
776 يارا - توصى فيي Twasa Fia 2 Dm

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A Forrest - The Cure

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Where Is My Mind - Pixies
Coz I Luv You - Slade
Just Like A Dream - The Cure
Intertwined - Dodie
Sweet Tooth - Cavetown
Boys Will Be Bugs - Cavetown w/ Chloe Moriondo
How You Gonna See Me Now - Alice Cooper
Delia's Gone - Johnny Cash
All Kinds of Everything - Dana
Guiltless - Dodie
La La La - Massiel
This is Home - Cavetown
White Rabbit - Jefferson Airplane
The Air That I Breathe - The Hollies
Can't Get Used To Losing You - The Beat
Can't Get Used To Losing You - Andy Williams
Birds - Anouk

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About the Ukulele Play Along

It all started in 1998 when we launched the first version of the UKULELE CHORD FINDER. It was and still is a free tool to find all your ukulele chords online. In the beginning when the internet was still very slow, there was a downloadable version too. In 2003 a PLAY ALONG function was built into the chordfinder. The ukulele showed you how to finger chords on the neck of your ukulele while the song is playing. Everybody could add songs!

In 2008 we launched the first version of the UKULELE PLAY ALONG, where you could play along with songs from Youtube videos. In the beginning everything was based on the flash plugin and Youtube served flash-video-files (flv). When youtube stopped with flash and some browsers too we had to make a new version of the Ukulele Play Along.