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id Song Artist Level Key
779 Haca'as (The Anger) Nimrod and Lilach 2 Dm
780 Moon River Julia von der Fuhr 3 C
781 Girl with one Eye Robin van Hemert 2 Dm
783 Rainbow Connection Wah Ananda 3 G
785 Ain't no Grave Çok Güzel 1 Gm
786 House of the Rising Sun Naïma Oei 2 Am
787 Caravan Klets 1 E
788 Five Foot Two Roger 2 C
789 I'm camping Ruut 2 D
790 Let's Break the Good News Caro Note (Caroline Peters) 4 C
791 Tonight You Belong To Me Jan en Els 2 G
792 Delilah UP3 2 Dm
793 Monkey Man UP3 2 G
923 Wherever the wind Judy Carati 2 G
924 Herinner Wibra Zusjes 1 Em
925 Long Time Gone Patrick en Vera 2 C
926 Poupee de Cire Poupee de Son Ukulele Paradijs Band 3 Am
927 Ma Belle Evangeline Juuhl 2 A
928 I could love you right DeLouise 2 G
929 Ring of Fire Shaira 1 G
930 Shine (full of light) WahRho 2 F#m
931 Corcovado Kleine Klets 4 Am
933 Let's get married The Gray Havens 2 C
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