My Farter Family Songbook


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Welcome to the Farter Family songbook!

We played folk and country music with our band called the Farter Family. And we play ukuleles too, since long time... So we decided to make a songbook. Inspired by mostly Hank Williams, The Carter Family and Johnny Cash too... oh and of course the movie 'O Brother where art thou?' We made My First Farter Family Songbook in 2007. Before the current ukulele hype. The second one we made a few years ago. The tutorials on these pages are connected to songs in our Farter Family songbooks. But they can also be used/played independently.

For every song in the books there is a page with stories, versions by different artists and links to the Ukulele Play Along. Some songs are more known than others, but they all have a story and are nice to play.

You can subscribe to the tutorials for only €20. First you have to login (or register if you haven't done that yet on this site). Once registered and logged in you'll find the first song. Subsequently you can subscribe. Or you can subcribe in our webshop. You can find the books there too!