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One Finger Tutorials

De UkeMaster shows you how to play Satisfaction and other songs with one-finger-chords only! WATCH THE VIDEOS

Paradijs Video's

One of our ukulele (play along) video's! We do songs in Spanish, English and Dutch ;)

In Memoriam

Dear friends,
We can not hold back the information about Piepke the sparrow any longer. Piepke died in our absence on Friday 11th of Dec in a bucket with water. We are totally sad about what happend to him and we miss him enormously. We always took him everywhere with us but not on this particular evening. We are making a webpage to honor him.
We hope to be able to save another sparrow in the future • that will sing as bright as Piepke • that will be as anoying as Piepke • that will be as devoted to Marcel • that will give us happiness and joy as before.

Piepke ligt er mooi bij...

Ukulele Play Along

Ukulele Play Along

The Ukulele Play Along is the best invention of the 21st century. Choose a song to play. You get the video, chords, lyrics and timeline. And NO anoying advertisements. There is a Free Playlist where we include the songs of the week. Just try it!

Ukulele Chord Finder

Ukulele Chord Finder

The Ukulele Chord Finder has been on-line for more than 20 YEARS! We started the (Sheep Entertainment) Ukulele Chord Finder back in 1998. It is an on-line app to find chords in 2 directions, so also by just clicking the finger positions.

De Gouwe Hoefkes

1 mei 2021 - Nieuwe Video!!! Velen van jullie kennen het al, want het is het lied waar we elke Ukulele Play Along Show of Workshop mee openen.

Eurovision Song: La La La

5 mei 2021 - Nieuwe Video!!! Omdat het zo'n feestelijke dag is hebben we onze 2de inzending voor 'Rotterdam, laat je horen' nu ook maar Openbaar gezet. Ik zeg... We zijn een winnaar, douze points en delen maar...

Ukulele.nl Startpagina

Sinds 1998 kun je in onze Chord Finder al je ukulele akkoorden vinden. In 2004 is daar een Play Along bijgekomen waar je met honderden liedjes mee kunt spelen. Je kunt hier ukulele leren spelen, onze ukulele videos kijken... Je kunt bij ons ook een goede ukulele kopen en leuke song-boekjes


My Second Farter Family Songbook is the latest songbook we have made. It contains very nice and authentic Country and Folk songs and is very beautiful illustrated. More details in the webshop. We ship to the whole world!

Ukemaster Ukemaster AppStore

UkeMaster for iPhone

The UkeMaster will help you find ukulele chords. It contains both basic and advanced chords. It also finds the chordname if you press the finger settings. 4 different tunings. more...


Zoek je een ukulele? We hebben een heel mooi starterspakket en daarnaast nog tal van andere ukuleles! Uit eigen keuken hebben we 5 boekjes

Ukulele TV

Ukulele TV
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