Play Along News July 2022

Bericht uit Het Ukulele paradijs


Dear Play Alongers,

Bit by bit, very slowly we get more members. The last 3 members come from the USA and Finland. We are really happy to have you on board! Our FREE Ukulele Chordfinder was very popular in the USA, starting at the end of the last century (since 1998). In the USA they were ahead of Europe with supplying internet to houses of individual people.

Berry - Les Passagers

Here is the last song we have added. A very lovely French summer song if you ask me. I heared it in the background when turning on the TV yesterday. It is almost like a 4-chord song, but with a few differences. The main loop is like:
Gm - F - Bb - Eb
Gm - F - Bb - Dm
So it alternates ending with a Eb or a Dm. And the loop is different from most 4 chord songs, otherwise you would get: Gm - Eb - Bb - F... (similar to Am - F - C - G)

The song immediately reminds you of:

Iggy Pop - The Passenger

This is also a 4-chord song with the more general loop. BUT also alternates the ending of each loop and that's what makes it interesting.

Am - F - C - G
Am - F - C - E(7)

TIP: In the song of Berry you can also play D7 instead of Dm. You then hear more resemblance, or hear it more defined...


Please Help Us

Song Requests
Every new member can do a request song! Many of you did not do that! Please tell us which song you want to learn, search the best video of this song and send it to Marcel, the UkeMaster.

Song Bugs
Sometimes a songs gets broken because the YouTube film has disappeared. There is this small bug icon next to the song title. If you click on it, then we will get the message a song is broken so we can repair it. Let's all help to make the Play Along a better tool! Recently fixed songs are:

Facebook Group
We have a closed FACEBOOK group where you can go. We are not always active. Our work is still a NON PROFIT job but if you are on FB you can go here and become a member and talk to other members about songs you like to play! In the future we want to have this possibly to be embedded in out own website.

Thank you so much for helping us out! Lots of love and keep on strumming!

Eveline and Marcel



*If you have any good ideas about new Play Along Songs, please let us know!
Search a nice version on YouTube and let us know which song you like to study. We have a 'To Do List’ and we will put your order there:

*Tell all your ukulele friends about this way of learning songs. The more people that Play Along, the more songs we can sort out. We would love in this website to grow, put more and more songs but,.. it is all done by hand!